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Where to Drink and Buy Mezcal in Mexico City?

If you are excited about coming to Mexico City expecting it to be Mezcal’s paradise I have bad news for you: most of the Mezcal widely offered in Mexico’s capital city is “no bueno”. Actually you are more likely to find good Mezcal in NYC, LA, SF or Austin.

Why is that? Because the City is currently dominated by commercial brands offering watered-down Mezcal at very low prices. The good news is that we are here to tell you where to drink and buy Mezcal while visiting Mexico City.

Where to Drink Mezcal?


Ticuchi Mezcaleria

Ticuchi is by far my favorite place to enjoy Mezcal in Mexico CIty. They offer a splendid selection that includes stuff from some of Mexico’s top Mezcal Distillers (Maestro Mezcalero) such as Edgar Angeles (Real Minero), Lalo Angeles, Emmanuel Ramos, Aquilino García (Mezcal Vago).

Despite being vegetarian the food is awesome. I strongly suggest you to try the tacos made with home-made tortillas and the best salsas the City has to offer.

Ticuchi is located in the Polanco neighborhood. Clean, safe and with plenty of Uber cars circling the area.

Petrarca 254 Polanco 5525894363


Antolina Condesa

Antolina is a nice laid back place to enjoy Mezcal in the Condesa neighborhood. Their dishes are made with sustainable products: from the countryside or the sea to your table. They have a strong Mezcal selection but falls short of Ticuchi’s.

Not to be missed on the menu: the plantain molotes with mole made in the Sierra Mixe, the chapulin (grasshoppers), escamoles (ant larvae), and without a doubt its star dish: the lobster taco.

Aguascalientes 232 Condesa 5552116845


Paramo Roma

Páramo has the strongest taco offering in Mexico City with a solid Mezcal selection and great cocktails. These tacos are what we would call Gourmet Tacos as they don’t resemble the traditional tacos to be found in Mexico. Burritos are awesome and you only need one to get fully satisfied.

Make sure to make a reservation as the place is quite small and consider that it only opens for dinner. Remember that dinner starts late in Mexico!

Páramo is located in the south end of Colonia Roma neighborhood. Don’t walk around the area by night, better to call for an Uber.

Yucatán 84 Roma 52647551

El Palenquito

Palenquito Álvaro Obregón Roma

Palenquito is a great place to relax and enjoy Mezcal from Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. This town is known among experts to be the place where some of Mexico’s best agave spirits area produced. Every Mezcal on the menu was produced by Master Distiller Guillermo Hernandez.

The menu offers a detailed description of every Mezcal. It includes the type of agave, the alcohol by volume and the date of release. If you find the Arroqueño in the menu go for it; it’s a must try.

Palenquito is located in the Álvaro Obregón Avenue in the Colonia Roma or México’s equivalent to NYC’s Lower East Side. Lots of good food options around the area and things to do. I could name 10 good restaurants around the area but that would go beyond the scope of this article.

Álvaro Obregon 39 Roma 5552078617

Corazon de Maguey

Corazon de Maguey Coyoacan

Corazon de Maguey is a double-barreled alternative. In one han you have a great selection of around 50 different Mezcals and in the other a solid offer of traditional Mexican food. Every dish is nicely decorated making it a great overall experience.

Located in the Coyoacan neighborhood that resembles an old Mexican town with some interesting museums such as Frida Kahlo’s and places to walk around. 

Jardin Centenario 9-A Coyoacan 55555447555

Where to buy Mezcal?

Real Minero Largo

Mexican liquor stores offer the same watered-down Mezcal to be found in most restaurants. Mezcal is still under appreciated in Mexico as it was always seen as a poor man’s spirit. Most Mexicans are not willing to pay the equivalent of $100USD for a bottle of Mezcal, they rather pony up that money for a Johnnie Walker as it would serve as a sign of status.

Astor Wines in NYC has a better selection than any shop in Mexico City!

Club-mezcal.com is the best place to buy Mezcal in Mexico City. We have a strong offering of stuff we can guarantee as we give money back in case you dislike your choice; no one has ever claimed their money back.

We are fast delivering. We can put a bottle of Mezcal in any of Mexico City’s hotels or Airbnb in less than 24 hours. We provide safe payments but you can also pay cash upon delivery. We accept USD, Euros, Yuans, you name it and bitcoin as we are very fond of crypto.

Ring us at our WhatsApp at any time. We are fluent in English.

if you want to know more about Mexican spirits visit Mexico Liquor.

Please don’t call us looking for Ilegal. That brand is only available for the United States and I don’t even like it!

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